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Our services in this area are divided into four major modules:



Our Management Model :



  • The vision and ability to lead


Corporate Culture

  • Forming the right soil for talents to forster


Frontline Operations

  • Sharpening the tool through skills training





Frontline Operations module 1

Customer Service Enhancement

Three-day Workshop for managers, with optional implementation program:

For non-industrial based companies like trading firms, retailers and restaurants, the competitive edge lies on the customer service e.g. prompt response to requests and complaints, on-time deliveries, customer interface manners and sales techniques.

Our three-day training courses are separately available for both office and shop environment. However, the management systems often requires changes in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction. The corresponding implementation program assists our clients to transform the ideals into reality.

  • Setting customer service standards
  • Implementing customer service standards
  • Measuring customer service standards
  • Improving customer service standards





Frontline Operations module 2

Training for Front-Line Supervisors

Three day Training Course for frontline supervisors

Front-line is where the product or service is delivered to the end user, where the customer perceives your company. Yet nine out of ten front-line supervisors understand their duties properly. Most commonly, they spend a large proportion of the time doing the front-line work, ignoring their supervisory role. Or, they are not able to cope with different staff or customer personalities due to lack of inter-personal skills. This three day training course pin-points the common error of front-lines supervisors and show them the correct way to manage. They need and deserve good training because front line is where all the corporate profit is made.

Day 1

  • Principles of Front Line Management
  • Hiring, Training and Appraising staff

Day 2

  • Motivating Staff
  • The Art and Science of Leadership
  • Communication Techniques

Day 3

  • Handling Problematic Staff
  • Handling Conflict
  • When to Penalize
  • Improving Workflow and Service Quality




Frontline Operations module 3


Training for the shop salesperson - Two day Training Course for Retail Outlet Salesperson

Day 1

  • Cultivating personal quality
  • Business and Service Etiquette
  • Sales technique
  • After sales service

Day 2

  • Principles of conflict management
  • Handling complaints, conflicts and difficult customers - practical case studies and solutions
  • Merchandise display and shop environment





Frontline Operations module 4


Process Streamlining / Productivity Enhancement


This is a two phase project:


- Study Phase


  • Work flow and volume study to establish Baseline Performance
  • Establish "Reasonable Expectation" - Quantifying and Standardizing Output
  • Matching Baseline Performance against Reasonable Expectation to identify areas for Productivity Improvement/ Cost Reduction Potential


- Implementation Phase


  • Install Scheduling and Control Management System to improve performance in these identified areas
  • Track new performance level to quantify benefits


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