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We are specialists in :


Corporate Physical Asset Management


  • Policy, Strategic Asset Management Plan, Asset Management Plan, and other documentations

  • Systematic Risk Management Framework and Methodologies



Engineering Management/ System Risk Management / Reliability Methodologies

 which comprise of:




Equipment  Risk-based Reliability Tools



Why choose Max Honour Consultants ?


  1. Aladon is the premier RCM service provider since 1989. No other RCM consultant has the equivalent width and depth of experience in the application of this technology.

  2. As part of the Aladon World Wide Network, we keep abreast of the latest development in global maintenance technology and methodology, and benefit from the shared experience and complementary support of fellow licensees operating in over 40 countries worldwide.

  3. Our RCM consultants are hand-picked and personally coached by the late John Moubray, originator of RCM2 and founder of Aladon.

  4. Trusted by "Best in Class" global organisations. See some of our clients.

  5. The minimum consulting experience of our staff, at international corporate level, is fifteen years.

  6. While English is the core working language, all our consultants are bi-lingual or tri-lingual. We are fluent in the local languages and understand the local corporate culture at the board level, management level and front-line level, which is crucial for project success.

  7. Strategically based in Hong Kong, the interconnecting hub of the Eastern and Western culture/ business system.


We are engineering-management-consultants of which the throughput is measured by the prudency of our  advice.

We are not works-contractors of which the throughput is sheer labour.