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Our Franchise Management Service is divided into three modules :



Business Viability Studies :


  1. Franchise Feasibility Study

  2. Shop Start-up Cost estimation

  3. Franchise Fee & Royalty Determination








Franchise System Build-up and Documentation:


We help clients to build up their franchise system by first establishing their own 'rules' and then preparation of the following procedures or documents :

  1. Establishment of franchise rules and regulations

  2. Retail and Master Franchise contract

  3. Disclosure Document (if required by local government)

  4. Business Projection

  5. Return on Investment Evaluation through assessing  the Profit & Loss of the business over the entire franchise period







 Chain-store Management System :


  1. Operations Procedure and Operations Manual

  2. Franchisee and Service Quality Training

  3. Quality Assurance and Management System

  4. Franchise Accounting System






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