ISO-55000 Physical Asset Management Standard


Benefits of Implementing ISO-55000

  • Improved service performance and control to required standard

  • Improved health, safety and environmental performance

  • Optimised return on investment

  • Long-term planning confidence and performance sustainability

  • Value-for-money in constrained resource regime

  • Demonstrable conformance to legal, regulatory controls and statutory compliance

  • Improved risk management across the organisation

  • Improved corporate reputation in terms of shareholder value, product quality, improved customer service

  • Greater staff satisfaction with organisational performance

  • Sustainable development within the asset life cycle.

Our Training Commitment

  • Learn from leaders in the application of reliability methodologies.

  • Utilize a hands-on learning approach through interaction, group exercises and mentoring.

  • Offer attendees the skills and knowledge geared to their appropriate level and role.

  • Ensure participants are empowered with the knowledge to improve equipment performance where it counts: in their own organization.

Recommended Participant

  • Maintenance Managers

  • Engineering Managers

  • Plant Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Tradespeople

  • Operators

  • Engineers


  ISO-55000 Training Courses

 One-day "Asset Management and ISO- 55000 Awareness/ Induction" Training Course

  • What is Physical Asset Management?

  • An Asset Management Timeline

  • Asset Management Process Model

  • Asset Management Value Chain and Life Cycle

  • Understanding business need

  • The Structure of an Asset Management System

  • Key Principles and Attributes of ISO-55000

  • The Structure of ISO-55000

  • ISO 55000 - overview, principles, and terminology

  • ISO 55001 - requirements of the asset management system

  • ISO 55002 deals - guidelines for the application of ISO 55001


 Two-day "ISO-55000 Specifications" Training Course

  • Requirements analysis and Demand management

  • Configuration Management

  • Asset creation

  • Life Cycle Costing

  • Establishing maintenance support requirements

  • Work management

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Operate asset and record failure history

  • Refurbish or dispose of assets


  ISO-55000 Consultancy Services

Asset Management System Improvement to qualify for ISO-55000 Certification


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